Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

There is much to be gained by breaking down your customer journey into critical touchpoints and evaluating the customer’s needs, emotions and barriers at each step.  By walking in the shoes of the customer we can understand their painpoints and work towards introducing new strategies to make their journey effortless and maximise their success.

1. Improved customer experience

The first benefit of customer journey mapping is improved customer experience. We can define our customer journey mapping as the complete end-to-end customer journey or we can simply zone in on a small aspect of the journey.  Either way, by placing the customer at the centre of our thoughts and decision making we can live through their experience and understand their wow moments, friction points and barriers.  The empathy involved in customer journey mapping allows us to understand their emotional journey and then review or redesign our CX strategy to match their expectations, maximise their experience and when required intervene and introduce a more proactive and personalised level of customer service.  

2. Understanding your customer

Taking the time to understand the needs of your different customer personas and how they engage with your brand at every touchpoint along their journey will give you great insight into the types of customer that are interested in your business and how they can best achieve their goals. This demographic and psychographic knowledge of the customer will be invaluable in shaping your marketing and CX strategies.

3. Improved conversion rates

Customer journey maps highlight the painpoints for the customer and once we understand these we can make changes to our processes and resources and eliminate the issues.  Fewer painpoints equates to fewer customers leaving our brand for a competitors.  By gaining valuable insight into the customer journey we can maximise the five stages of customer engagement – discover, research, purchase, experience, aftercare – and convert customers at each stage. Creating a customer centric business

4. Become customer centric

It is easily done; each team becomes fixated on their contribution to the customer journey and no longer sees the big picture! A good journey map creates a visual map of the end-to-end customer journey and is shared with the entire organisation, promoting a customer centric approach to all decision making. Good CJM encourages inter-departmental communication and reduces silo thinking, simply by making the customer the focus of all decisons.