Catherine Scott

As a CX (customer experience) specialist Catherine has been working with local businesses for over twenty years to design, measure and improve their customer experience. She believes that by placing the customer at the centre of the business you can improve their customer experience, enhance loyalty and improve business growth.

After graduating with a degree in Maths, Statistics and Computing she worked as a customer advisor and then a call centre manager for a software company. This was the start of her passion for delivering an excellent customer experience and appreciating the link between service and business performance. This enthusiasm for service combined with her analytical approach made her ideal for a role in customer experience measurement and digital transformation. Before setting up her own CX consultancy in 2008 she spent six years managing a mystery shopping company.

When she first started in CX measurement it was using tools like mystery shopping, focus groups and customer surveys which give great insight into the customer journey.More recently, as the customer experience has become as much about the digital experience as the physical experience she has enhanced her services to include customer journey mapping and digital transformation.

Through customer journey mapping she helps businesses visualise their end-to-end customer journey and see how customers interact with their brand at every touchpoint. By visualising the actions, motivations, emotions and pain points of the customer, businsses can better understand, and then improve, the customer journey and successfully convert customers at each stage of their journey. Catherine has also helped business to eradicate internal silos and create better cross-team alignment through customer journey mapping.

Catherine has worked with businesses, of all sizes and all sectors including tourism, hospitality, retail, finance, insurance, entertainment, leisure and professional services.

Catherine and her team work with a range of talented associate consultants.

Mystery Shoppers

Our extensive team of experienced and highly trained secret shoppers cover all types of customer personas and will be hand picked to match your customer segment. 

Our shoppers will engage in every day service situations with your front line staff.  They will then report back on what happened, how they felt about the service they were offered and how it might be improved.  

You will have a named consultant who will be available to discuss any issues you have or ideas that you would like to develop. We also invite you to meet with us on a regular basis to review the service.